Asking extra margins than other top brokers

You are asking more money to sell options, even when they have have hedge position you are asking 10-15 k extra than other top brokers, because this i am not interested to trade even u have good platform. Already sebi increased peak margins… please check this in your platform both naked & hedge.

Hi @Jp007

Margin on contracts are now standardised and this should not be the case. Can you share which hedge position you were trying to take and we will have this checked. You can email us on

Thank you

please check this below

this is from dhan


this is from Zerodha and fyers also the same as zerodha. hope you will notice and update it soon.
Thank you.

here is the Naked position data

and from dhan

hope you will get this issue. Thank you

Hi @Jp007
Thanks for bringing this to our notice. We have identified the issue and our team is fixing this. We will deliver the updated version by end of this week.

hope will get it soon, once you fix this we are good trade here, we love your platform and care. Thank you, please keep the same after your growth.

Yes @Jp007, we will be solving for this. If there is no extra margin required, there is no reason it should be blocked.

I will keep you posted on this and let know when we resolve. Thank you.

Still high margins for both required margin and final margins. Required margin is 4x of zerodha when buy first and sell next for hedge.

Hi @vivekbagade

Your query has been answered over here - Requiring Extra margins than other platforms - #21 by PravinJ

Thank you