At what time is api-script-master-updated?

@Hardik I run pre-market at 8:00 during which api-scrip-master.csv is updated. For last couple of days I am seeing some errors saying that the segment did not match. On debugging I found that the file is not updated at 8:04 AM and hence the segment doesn’t match.

For example:

TATAINVEST was converted from EQ to BE segment for NSE but it wasn’t updated in the api-script-master at 8:04 AM.

Question: When should the script master run? Pre-market takes 30 minutes so I cannot run it after 8:30 since I need some buffer time as well

Log from the api-scrip-master.csv file as of 29 Feb at 8:00 AM

ubuntu@ip-172-31-5-16:/opt/pheonix$ grep -i "TATAINVEST" api-scrip-master.csv 
BSE,E,501301,EQUITY,0,TATAINVEST,1.0,Tata Investment Corporation,,,,5.0000,NA,ES,A,TATA INVESTMENT CORPORATI
NSE,E,1621,EQUITY,0,TATAINVEST,1.0,Tata Investment Corporation,,,,5.0000,NA,ES,EQ,TATA INVESTMENT CORP LTD

Hello @sv28

API Security List is updated every morning at 08.00 AM. This is in regards with exchange update to Security ID Master, which at times is also delayed.

Now even thought the CRON job is scheduled at 08.00 AM, on some instances this does gets delayed. To be on safer side, since you cannot run it post 08.30, you can run this just before that.
Also, do note that there are instances where the exchanges send file twice (in case when there are discrepancy with the first one) and the same is accordingly updated on API Security List as well.

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Got it @Hardik . I will schedule the pre-market job at 8:30 IST.

Is there any way to know if the file has been updated later in the day?


No, this is not shown anywhere. But do note, Security ID list is not changed during trading hours.

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