Automate chartink alerts to GTT order

Anybody suggest me some .

I want to automate my Chartink alerts to GTT order.

Hi @RajeshK Well let us know if you have a solution, we will be happy to build automation around this.

We haven’t been able to connect with Chartink folks, if anyone knows them - please let us know.

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I think you guys should develop a browser extention somthing like trade rocket etc which can capture the triggers/ alerts from various sources and execute trades on your terminal.

Eventually you guys will make money from brokerages.

Any other algo solution dear community members?

@PravinJ should I request chartink team to get in touch with you in this regard, They reply me just fine.

Any direct mail id would be great.

@PravinJ I have requested them to connect with you.

gave them - mail id


Noted and Thanks. If they connect with us, we will explore this.

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