Avg Price in Positions

Hi Team,

In positions (assume buy side): The average price that is shown within that position is of all the trades on the buy side and even if i partially exit some quantity the same avg price is shown for the rest of the quantity, which is incorrect.

Ex - I bought 2 qty of yesbank at 20 rs and then another 2 at 22 rs, average of all 4 will be shown as 21 which is correct, but once i exit let say 2 qty, then the open position is 2 qty, but still for these 2 qty the avg. is shown as 21 instead of 22(as stocks are sold on FIFO basis)

Don’t see any use case for avg price of all quantity, instead avg price of only open quantity should be shown, correct me if i a missing something.

Hi @tarun101 Yes, when trades are sent to exchanges and are executed - the exchange systems and also the order management systems view them based on positions that are averaged. So the prices will continue to look the same until the trades are settled after market closing hours.

While what you have mentioned is valid feedback, underlying trading systems will continue to show as they are averaged. Having said that, post settlement and once the order processing is done after trading hours, they will reflect in your contract notes just that way you have mentioned.

“underlying trading systems will continue to show as they are averaged” didn’t understand this??

Underlying trading system is yours or exchange system? If yours, what exactly is the issue here, why can’t you fix it? or can it be fixed but has not been prioritised.

Hoping that is changed soon.