Banknifty Options webhook!

I recently Experienced the new feature its been ** :fire: :fire: :fire: :fireworks: :firecracker:** but for option traders need this feature too webhook ! with nearby strike price selection option ! orelse autostrike price selection

Thanks @karthikweta, yes webhooks are really :fire:

Feedback noted, will think how we can enable them for option traders. Btw, if you trade in options - you can get real time charts for options on

As you know well β€˜’ cant use for pine script running ,thus the best way just enable option webhook at least Nifty& banknifty :hugs: :blush: :money_mouth_face: :crazy_face:

Hi @ann and @karthikweta,

Missed updating this thread, for users of TradingView and Option traders - we introduced web hooks on baskets, so now you can build your fav strategy in baskets and trigger the execution via webhook when your underlying index or stock has the required price movement. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


So does that mean I can add options to my basket and it will execute?

@Vgandhi2022 - yes, that’s correct.

Web hooks with basket, it just like algo trading I like it very much,
Also I need to request to be added, Is it possible exit order if market direction is reverse and executive another market direction order (using pine script it is possible), when alartcontion is trigger.