Bracket Order % Change Input & TGT/SL Price Display

Hi Dhan Team,

I would like to give an input on improving the Bracket Order feature in your app.

If possible, can these buttons from β€œ0.5%” to β€œ2.5%” multiply the % value on tapping instead of being fixed? Like 2.5% of 10 = 2.5, makes it 5 in the next tap, then 7.5, 10, 12.5 on so on… No one would set 2.5% for options trading as a StopLoss or Target.

It would be better if there can be an additional section to let user decide the percentage they want to select or this can be ignored too if the buttons can multiply the % value instead of being fixed value.

Also, instead of showing tick amount of TGT/SL, can it actually show the actual LTP of TGT/SL? Tick value can also be shown but LTP becomes helpful in making a quicker decision.

I think this section marked in Red should be more user friendly!

Looking for inputs from the community members as well.

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Hi @Diamond ,

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your valuable suggestion.

We have noted your feedback to improve the bracket order percentage value.

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Same order windows introduce forever order
Because forever windows not available with price outside the red box like this

Dear Team,

Any option we can fix for MTM target Trailing and SL facilities. So once full fill same day trading will close until again reset,

Hi @sarwan0029

Thanks for your feedback. We will evaluate & try to incorporate this in our roadmap, if feasible

@Sachikantap We do have this bracket order based on P&L of the position, as that can be very subjective and vary with the user’s trading style. But you can anytime, derive prices for target & stop loss at your end basis MTM/P&L and manually put them. Hope this helps!