Brokerage Calculator Not showing right calculations - Resolved!


Please check if the calculations in the screenshot are right or am I wrong?

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This is Zerodha brokerage calculator values

Hi @oldbuoy ,

Thanks for pointing this out, this should not have happened. We are getting this corrected on priority. Will let you know as soon as it’s updated.


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Hi @oldbuoy,

We have fixed this. Hope you enjoy using our calculators!

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The updated brokerage calculator is not showing right calculation regarding lot size and quantities, please rectify the issue. @Pranita

@ibiswajit Thanks for pointing this out. Will check this and get it corrected. I will let you know as soon as it is updated. Until then would request you to refer β€œTransaction Estimator” in our Dhan App or Web.

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@ibiswajit Our Brokerage Calculator is now updated :slight_smile: . Please check and do let us know in case any issues.

Sure, it is working fine. Thanks for the quick fix.

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