Brokerage Calculator with P&L Estimator Request


Can you provide us Brokerage Calculator with P&L Estimator, where we can input Buy Price & Sell Price along with Quantity, to know how much profit we will get after taking into account all the taxes etc. (Like this Calculator below)


Hi @dabas! You will be happy to hear that this is already in the works and will be live super soon!


HI @Pranita please also consider displaying complete detailed charges.

(Have seen in some brokers * would be there which we can see only in Contract Note :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :laughing: )

Absolutely @pavz ! We aspire to always be transparent with our users and build our features & products with the same ideology.


Cool ! this is what i meant * marks ( we wont consider it while calculation and get shocked when seeing the contract note ) so :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does this Super Soon have a deadline…

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It absolutely does @dabas. It is already in development and we can expect it to be live within the next month latest.

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can we have a compilation video or a sneak peek video of whats to come at Dhan its always good to stay exited as part of Dhan’s community :sweat_smile: just saying :grimacing:

How much more time it will take for this feature to go live…

Is it live now or still in development stage

Hi @dabas

We aren’t fully ready with this at the moment. Not the kind of implementation we can be happy about, @Pranita is building this and we will keep posted.

Since Feb 2022, still waiting for Brokerage Calculator with P&L Estimator :frowning_face:

Hi @dabas

The first version of this is already live - Brokerage Calculator - Delivery / Intraday Brokerage Charges Calculator | Dhan

more improvement coming up.

Looking for the Brokerage Calculator with P&L Estimator like these

Note :- I am not sure posting these below link is against rule or not of Dhan Community, but these are for reference only, this is what i am looking for, pardon me if broke rule unintentionally.

No worries @dabas, no rules broken. We very very rarely delete posts here (unless abusive or has personal information).

We build products incrementally, this is first version of Brokerage Calculator - we will improve them. We focus a lot on integrated experience, were we have the transaction estimator on our orders page.

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Hi @dabas ,

Brokerage calculator with P&L estimator is now live! Hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:


Nice !

Could you also add tabs for Currency and Commodities :pray:

Hi @pavz, you can expect it in the next few builds :slight_smile:

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Nice I liked it very much :revolving_hearts:

Hi @pavz ,

Brokerage calculator for currency & commodity is live! Hope you enjoy using it.

Product @ Dhan

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