BUG in multi screen and multi timeframe

hey well here am i again the chart isnt showing feb 15 data below 1 day time frame it is showing only on 1 day and above and secondly whenever i open 4 screen with different time frame and save them in the save chart the time frames are reverted back to 15 mins and the problem regarding the shuttering and taking long time to load data still presist. pls look into it am thinking to stick with dhan just if you guys can make the charts and technical robust.and a suggestion come up with keep me logged in feature for web

I am facing same issues basically when using Trading View Chart

Hi @karma ,
Thanks for sending us the screenshots, this is going to help us a lot. We are getting it checked.

pivot in indexs are also not loading in 5 min time frame

Hi @karma ,

It’s working fine from our end. Our tech team would like to connect with you on a Zoom call to assist in solving the issue.

Can you please drop a mail on feedback@dhan.co or rahul.deshpande@dhan.co mentioning what time suits you ?

Just did this is a new bug i just encountered on dhan chart view