Bulk Order features by importing from Excel (.cvs)

As some Trader trade in multiple stocks and options futures. So if someone wants to put 50-60 orders individually it will take much time and we may miss our entry target SL anything. So if we can everything in Excel file in .csv format and just import that file and push the order it will execute within seconds.so one can push 100s of order within seconds.
This features is available in trade tiger terminal.
Please add this features in dhan also it will solve many problems. This bulk order features is very useful. Please add this.

And also similar features in price alert also . We will import Excel file in alert section and it will enable us to put many alerts at a time within seconds.

Please add this two features.
No web platform and discount brokers has this features till now. Please add this in Dhan

@Naman @PravinJ kindly look into this features. If possible.