Can we expect more details video series with Pine script + Dhan + Tradingview


I must say that I am very thankful as I am part Dhan community and such kind of wonderful future technology and content.

If Dhan community can create step by step video with proper description
People can relate more

  1. Generate web API to implement in any stock chart step by step
    2.stop loss/ trailing stop loss
    3.Capture candle high/low open/close in anytime frame
    4.and one or two basic multi indicator example golden /death crossover
    5.and RSI value crossing below/above

Will be enough for us to start our journey

Last year I also requested for this video and this is the future

Hello @Subhajitpanja

Noted, will definitely look into this and try to create a detailed series which covers advanced application of Dhan Webhooks. We recently did a community driven Pinescript workshop with @t7support : Exclusive Webinar: Pine Script for Beginners by t7support :rocket:

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Thanks for the reply
I attended that session