Can you make price alerts more louder

I mean when I set price price alerts it just sends me one notification but most of the time i miss it bcs i am busy doing something else or its just one notification like its difficult to catch it everytime I am not around my phone all time so can you make notification sound bit longer like alarm or 1 minute beep or something like that so we dont miss price alerts.

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We will surely evaluate this, just curious to know won’t 1 min beep would hamper your concentration ?

Give priority to price alerts like there should be two types of alerts one are basic and one are important. So at the time of setting alert user is allowed to select the priority of alert weather its important or normal.
Normal alert the one you are providing right now
and second one is like alarm you have to turrn it off manually just like you turn of your mobile alarm its not like if i said one min alert it should beep for 1 min there should be option to turn it off as well.
This will be very helpful bcs at the level of support at resistance there is so much consolidation. Sometimes consolidation continues for more than 2 three days and no one will check it daily bcs no one is gonna wait for one opportunity for so long. I have to keep eye on other charts too i dont know about others for me i have only 2 screens and its difficult to keep eye everywhere and i am busy with other things as well when you have open position in market you rarely pay attention to notifications atleast i am totally focus on my trade most of time.
Add web alerts too the one available in trading view or you know at the time when order gets executed we get notified with sound you can do for price alerts as well your can use text to speech in case you know like when you pay someone on paytm that machine says 200 rs received and all just being creative here lol.
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Give an option to change the type of alert in setting, I would also prefer longer alert in mobile application and Dhan’s TV as in Tradingview.

Because no broker till now has given longer alert as Tradingview web does, you guys would be the first.

Understood @Vignesh_N , @omkar . Seems like a very valid suggestion, will surely evaluate internally, to bring this. Thanks for the detailed feedback @omkar.


Currently it is not possible to put an alert from the Trading View chart directly.Need a feature where we can set the alert from Tradingview chart itself just like we can Buy / Sell or draw a horizontl line.

Also the alert should not be only for a particular price but for specific conditions being met eg. LTP crosses a particular MA from above / below or A Pivot / Resistance Or Previous Day High / Low

@RahulDeshpande hey can your team make one detailed video about how to use options data how to understand it all that charts open interest change in oi put-call ratio volume PCR live max pain etc or if its available lemme know

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Your suggestions are noted. Will surely explore this.

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Sure, we are making a repository of videos that can be very useful to the users. I am also glad to say that we have already started working on a lot of them. I have noted your suggestion to be considered, for including in the repository.

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Yes Correctly Raised request Alerts on Trading view charts are really very crucial when it comes to Scalping… Really this feature will be the best addition in the Dhan Platform…

yes very much needed, lounder alerts or push notifications in web ! & also we are required to have or need a feature in which we can able to create alerts from Tv.dhan !

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Price alerts notification , show separate & bit louder and plz give facility to add alerts from trading view itself so we can put easy alert to options prices by clicking & loading options charts from quick option chain of tv.dhan !

@Dhan Is there any update on this thread? I too am facing this issue where I am missing alerts.

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Yes we need a louder sound on web also plz add sound trigger for alert like trading view impossible to see mobile everytime

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and a pop alert or flash would be really nice… we need louder alert in tv.dhan window… because mostly we use tv.dhan… if price alert is tv’s unique feature then plz give add on alert the same way u guyz have given Buy sell button & other parts in TOP Bar Menu. small pop like alert in browser or louder notification sound specially for Price alerts will really help lots of your customers… @PravinJ

This doesn’t bring them Money, why should they bother.

Need a feature where we can set the alert from Tradingview chart itself just like we can Buy / Sell or draw a horizontl line.
these alert include price alert (on closing basis too), indicators alert whichever applied on chart like tradingview.

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We have this feature request for a while and we are exploring how this can be enabled with TradingView teams.