Cant see the legs properly & no scroll bar

I am unable to see the option legs properly. no scroll bar provided to easily navigate.

Also is there any one can help fix this bug mentioned

Hi @Shylaja

Just scroll it down with you mouse or keyboard, the side scroll bar will appear.

Also, there is no bug in Max Pain, I have replied on the thread

Hi Naman,

No luck to see the full script name. Not sure why my mouse won’t work only on this screen. Can we make the scroll bar size little big so it’s visible. As I can’t see any scroll bar


No revert from you yet on both questions. Would you post a screenshot which shows scrollbar in your screen. As well can you go to max pain tab and tell me which strike has a max pain for this week.


Any Look on thie

@Naman @Hardik @Pranita

Any Look since Naman is busy???

Hello, @Shylaja Apologise for any inconvenience. The name of the scrip or contract will appear based on the screen resolution; you can try zooming out to have a quick look. To navigate, you can scroll it down while keeping the cursor on the pay-off graph. (Please see the video below.)

Furthermore, you will be able to see the strikeprice in max pain once you select a particular graph. We’ll keep improving this for a better user experience.

Option Trader Web Analyse

Can you try with 6th Dec month expiry of BankNifty and then see the same? then you would see the problem. also once the PNL amount reaches to 4 digit character worst will happen.

Hi @Shylaja,

We have made a note of your requirement and shared with our team to optimize both scrip name & pnl section. Thankyou!