Celebrating Our Community Mavericks🚀

Today, we are filled with immense joy and pride as we celebrate the spirit of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and support that defines our wonderful Dhan community.

As many of you know, Dhan community was established even before the official launch of our product. Since then, it has grown into a thriving space with thousands of members actively contributing their insights and expertise to create an enriching environment for all.

We would like to acknowledge a select group of esteemed community members who have consistently stood out for their remarkable contributions and unwavering dedication.

We are immensely proud to introduce our “Community Mavericks” - a distinctive title that truly represents the essence of their contributions. Our Community Mavericks embody a profound understanding of market dynamics and utilize their vast expertise to empower and uplift fellow traders.

Following are the outstanding individuals who have been bestowed with the prestigious Community Maverick tag:

You can instantly recognise them with the ‘Star’ symbol in front of their profile.

Each of these community members has played a vital role in fostering an inclusive and collaborative environment, and their contributions have made a significant impact on the community’s growth and success keeping the posts in accordance with the Community Guidelines. Their willingness to share expertise, assist others in need, and drive insightful conversations has truly set them apart as exemplary members of our community.

We extend our warmest congratulations and heartfelt gratitude for your ongoing dedication.

Thank you for making the Dhan community the thriving and supportive space that it is today. We look forward to witnessing the incredible growth of this community with all of you by our side.



Community Manager


Thanks for the Recognition :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:t2:

Its a very satisfying feeling when traders thoughts are being cared and taken into count .

I see a sense of urge in DHAN to bring in features which many of the established Brokers are copying from DHAN

Hope DHAN scales to new heights ! [Looking forward to see DHAN in top 5 in 5 years] :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks :pray:. Dhan is filling a void in the broking industry. I won’t be surprised if Dhan makes it to the top 5 soon. Competitors are already feeling the heat and changing things at their end. Keep going up Dhan providing us with the best tools in the market for us to invest and trade.

I shall keep engaging with this ever growing community to the best of my capacity.


Thanks for the recognition!! :heart_eyes:

Happy to be a part of Dhan’s journey to challenge the status quo and make a difference by following the path of continuous improvements and helping the clients.

Wishing for a larger community and many more Mavericks going ahead!


We are excited to announce a new initiative within our community! In recognition of members who consistently contribute their insights and foster an inclusive, knowledge-filled environment, we will now be introducing a Community Maverick every quarter.

Starting off, we’re proud to declare @Sammy as the Community Maverick for JFM '24.

Sumit has played a pivotal role in addressing the queries of fellow community members regarding APIs, offering valuable coding insights. His dedication in simplifying complex API-related issues and advocating strongly for DhanHQ APIs, as well as Dhan in general, has been truly commendable. We deeply appreciate your commitment to the community, Sumit, and extend our warmest congratulations!

We eagerly anticipate the continued growth of our community with your invaluable contributions.


Thanks for your contributions @Sammy! :innocent:

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“Thank you so much to @RahulDeshpande , @shraddha , and the @Dhan Team for this. It’s always a pleasure to assist fellow traders. Dhan is my trusted trading platform with outstanding support.”


New community maverick announcement!

We’re thrilled to announce that @Champion_Trader aka Kapil, is our newest community maverick.

Kapil's profile

Kapil’s dedication to resolving user queries, providing insightful feedback for product enhancement, and generously sharing his trading expertise, while also actively seeking guidance from fellow members, plays a crucial role in strengthening our community.

We’re glad to have him on our forum & look forward to more of his insights :slight_smile:


Congratulations @Champion_Trader :innocent:

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Congratulations Kapil @Champion_Trader :+1:

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Thank you, Dhan team :blush:
@RahulDeshpande @shraddha @Divyesh

I’m always happy to assist community members and share feedback about the platform.

Proud to be a Dhan user! :smiley:


@Champion_Trader Areeey bhai sahab. Radio mirchi bajate raho. :firecracker: Regular se pro max ho gaya tum.

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Thanks brother :grin::star_struck:

Agale quater aap ka number aayega :wink: