Challenge Certificates

Hi ,

Any plans to launch winning certificate kinds in the future

  1. Zerodha 60 days → Certificate
  2. FYERS 30 days → Certificate with (Brokerage refund) first & only in the industry

Also something for the Intraday traders

  1. KOTAK - > Intraday square off trades - Completely free ( FIT)
  2. ESPRESSO (Sharekhan) → Pay only for Profitable trades
  3. PAYTM - FALT 10rs per order

Anything exciting in this regards.

Hi @pavz, At this moment no plans. We want to build more products & tools that are valuable for both investors & traders, we will concentrate on the same for now.


@pavz Hi, I received your bug on the order price display, can you please email us this or repost. I saw this for a moment and not able to respond to it. Please reshare.

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