Chart bug , fix ASAP

I use 2 tradingview charts same time , but buying button buys option of chart at top, whereas i had selected lower one.

Please fix this , its very useful for traders not to switch charts.

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My selected chart is 38900call but buying shows 38800 put.
Enable this feature

Hi @dsc ,

We are aware of this issue but unfortunately this is a limitation we face from TradingView’s end. We do not receive the necessary alert for us to identify the charting window from which you are placing the trade. Thus, while buying, the first chart is set as the default one.

We optimise our platforms to the best of their abilities and hope to find a work around in the times to come.


Add search button on top of chart like fyers for easy stock find

Hi @chirag1

Thanks for your suggestion, we have this feedback to add search tab on charts for app.

Ps : We have introduced the multiple charts feature on latest app version 1.0.35 wherein you can open 5 tab of charts simultaneously (attached screenshot). This update will be gradually rolled out to all Dhan users soon.

This is a good feature to open multiple charts at same time. Before we have the option to open chart when we click on any strike price but now that option is moved inside screenshot attached. It takes time to place order and now it will take more time when we open chart after extra 2 clicks

Its better to remove Forever order from options chain as no one gonna keep them in forever order or make icons small so that chart can be shown from here not by clicking following

Video isn’t much clear as i created Gif out of video i hope you will get what i mean as there was chart option in about attached screenshot.

Thanks for highilghting, @deep90s. We will update this in our next build.

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