Chart different from

Chart prices on dhan doesn’t match with especially the high and low prices

Hi @Rajeshh ,

Can you please share video screen recording of the issue so that we can come up with a resolution faster ?

hi @RahulDeshpande
couldnt make a video but mentioned the price difference in the picture it happens in all the bar high and low also it differs from exchange high low

Thanks @Rajeshh for sharing the image.

We are getting it checked :+1:

hi @RahulDeshpande

when will the issue be resolved

We are working on fixing it.

We will surely notify once it gets fixed :+1:

Hi @RahulDeshpande
It has been more than 5 days since I pointed out the issue and it is still not been resolved. The main aim of a trader is to enter into the right trade but if we follow the current dhan chart as a breakout trader surely we will end up in entering the wrong trade. I am wondering how can you people give us the wrong chart and say that you use tradingview chart in dhan which is totally different from original tradingview chart.hope fixing this issue ASAP will help most of the breakout traders from entering into wrong trade.

Hi @Rajeshh

We checked this and numbers on and are absolutely correct. We get exchange feeds directly from the exchange, you can verify our data with any terminal that that sources data from exchange.

We do not know the source of data for TradingView, so cannot comment on the candle stick patterns and OHLC of the candles in their case.

For this specific use-case that you mentioned, I just reverified the info and candles on Dhan and its platforms are absolutely correct.

Hope this helps. My personal suggestion would be to use terminal data for actual reference, where data feeds are directly served from the exchanges.


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Chart difference @Dhan I have noticed chart difference from trading view and have placed the screenshot for both of them, pleas have a look

the below chart of AARTI INDUSTRIES is from

this chart is from trading view

I have matched the chart pattern from chartink and and it matches with tradingview chart pattern ,there is gap down opening in trading view chart but in tv.dhan there is little gap

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I am not saying about indicator value I am saying about the pattern ,the candle formation position is different in both of them, there are lot of difference

Hi @AKM, you can set your candle patterns on both platforms.

This one is from Dhan:

This one is from TradingView:

in both the platform the setting is same , I am saying about this highlighted differences
trading view


there are price difference , there is different gap

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Hi @AKM,

For Aarti Industries specifically, there was a corporate action in October, and hence the difference. We will review this. Thanks for highlighting.

Update: Reviewed this. Dhan charts are correct and adjusted as per the corporate action.

Hi team Dhan Community,

The issue brought by AKM is absolutely valid.

The charts shown in are different than tradingview

I am sharing 15 min charts side by side for both trading view as well as Dhan

Pl check the 11:30 candle.

In trading view it is a red bearish candle whereas in Dhan it is s doji candle.

Can you pl explain why ?


We are looking into this, allow us some time to check this.