Charts data is buggy on tv dhan

I have observed this multiple times , data such as high-low , don’t show the correct values , it shows different value in different time frame .
Have verified charts from other platforms.

Refer the bank nifty chart image below for the example.

Check the low of 4 min chart (left), and 1 hr chart(right), 48429 and 48496 at exact same time, its highly unreliable


Hi @shravanravi,

We have updated the chart data, request you to kindly check now.

Yes after market hours it will be fixed, but i have observed this bug multiple time in live market. Hence i posted today. Please fix the bug causing it, than updating data later.

Chart data before 18th Mar 24 is missing on intraday timeframes in Adani Power.

Hi @Shally, we would like to check, allow us some time to check with our team we will update you shortly.

In Adani total gas, we have missing data. See cursor on Daily is 7th Dec 2021 but on Hourly and 15 min, it is 15th Sep 2021.

In Sparc, Data on intraday timeframes is missing after 30th Jan 2024 and resumes only after 23rd Apr 2024.

All of a sudden, data on higher time frames of Aegis Logistics gone!!!