Charts on Dhan mobile app

I have been using tradingview app in my mobile since long…and even though it provides limited access to the features eg. only 3 indicators, single screen etc but the overall smoothness with which the app runs is so fantastic that i cant tell.

This smoothness is missing so much from dhan charts on mobile that i typically prefer to use tradingview app with limited features on my mobile rather than dhan apps trading view chart with unlimited access to every feature.

I request the developers to look into it and try to.make the experience more smooth…

Theres one more suggestion regarding that…
When we typically see charts in mobile app, we typically see it monitor the price action or to analyse the chart technically. While analysing the charts on small screen such as mobile…we dont really buy/sell or see positions etc there…i mean not on the small congested mobile screen…hence i really dont see the use of the buy/sell, position or inshort the whole left part as screenshot…if u people agree to it…then u may all consider it removing it completely and thus making the chart screen more clean and cluter free…and if u ppl dont agree and take it more as a personal preference (which i do too) atleast consider providing us with option to.optimise our chart screen

Dear @Festy , i hope you have not got exposed to the right usage of using by sell button in the landscape mode. old version (blue version) of the upstox was the industry best to provide landscape mode buy sell button.

I am a scalper and i need to the price moves. if i am on landscape mode and if i click on “BUY” an order window will be layered on top of the chart (half of the portion to the left) so i can track my price to on the right side and time my entries and exits while filling the order window. (this was indeed provided by upstox (old version) now none of the stock broker have this.

for scalper every second matters. every stock brokers now has this kind of feature wherein, as soon as BUY button is pressed they take us to separate window, there we need to fill the order details. this process i hate it as a scalper, as i can’t track the price.

our eyes are not trained to look at price LTP as a number provided in the order window and judge. we can judge the entry exit using the candle better.

any scalper here to support this statement?

Suggestions noted from both of you @Festy & @Shylaja

@Festy, Generally comment on the smoothness of the experience on charts - On TradingView app they offer a native library which unfortunately is not extended to us. I will check again on this with TV team if there is possibility, if available we will bring it on.

Agree with your view @Shylaja, infact the decision to keep buttons & positions on right and on charts is to help scalers + also give a price movement on the right side - more like a gaming pad.

We are doing something cool here which should help you both. I don’t want to commit, since this is under experimentation - if it works, will ship and post about it here.

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Scalpers may use keyboard shortcuts as well, also available on TV.

Dear @Shylaja i didnt ask to totally remove the buttons, i just explained myself and have already mentioned that having those buttons in the layout is totally a personal choice. I requested to add a option to edit the layout, so that it becomes more of a choice rather than compulsion.