Colors for Open Interest Chart

Hello Dhan Team,

Suggestion, Can you please make OI chart colours Red and Green,
Call OI is red(resistance) and Put OI is green(Support)

That gives a more realistic idea in terms of colour.

Also, put a button to access this information from the main screen only(As shown in screenshot), instead of going to In-Depth button,


Hi @Jigar ,

Very valid feedback and suggestions. We surely evaluate both the changing the OI charts in Red & Green themes, but the idea behind not using Red & Green here is as typically the colours are used to showcase profit and loss. Mixing it with the charts might cause some hinderance in the experience and overall psyche.

Feedback noted on a button to access the information from the main screen.

Keep contributing to the Dhan community :slight_smile:

Sir then how about giving the option to choose any color depending on the user they will themself choose their desired color