Conditional Order facility for Option Traders

Hi Dhan,
Could you please develop conditional Order facility for Option Trader. If the price reaches particular price point on spot or future chart for NIFTY and BANKNIFTY. Order should be placed for Options for selected strike price and expiry.

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Hi @Puru

Welcome to Dhan community. We have this a very unique way already available on Dhan. Users create their strategy on Options as Basket and trigger that using free web hooks from Dhan basis of price movement in underlying spot prices.

Do check this out - Introducing: Now execute your Basket Orders via webhooks on TradingView

That said, we continuously work on user feedback for Dhan and improve our trading experience. Your suggestion is valid and noted.

@PravinJ , this is a super feature. but wish the limit of basket atleast increased to 50 or 100. and the title text length for basket supports multi-line and can take more characters to define what that basket is all about.

Hi @Shylaja

We don’t want to hamper the performance of Baskets, its super popular among our option traders and also equity traders. If we just increase it right away, that may result in us adding buttons for refresh margins instead of showing real-time and all that.

We have spoken with some users who have said few use-cases where they want to use baskets and also save time in execution. As basket is still 2-3 taps away for someone who wants to trade ‘right now’.

Something interesting is in works, you would love this. Coming out soon. Other usability feedback on basket, yes noted.

Happy to hear that and waiting for the updates. But could you convert this taps into seconds spent for accessing and modifying / adding 2 legs in baskets and tapping the refresh button for refreshing the prices and then place the order.

that’s the edge that customer centric platform to speak about instead of taps. One click One tap is becoming old and outdated.