Confirmation Message before order is sent?

Simple question:
Most present-day brokers want traders to have their orders executed (this way or that, as that’s what makes money for brokers). :slightly_smiling_face:

Therefore, most brokers offer only 1-click direct order sending. There is no intermediate confirmation message shown - like a trader selects/fills the trade values, hits the ‘proceed’ button and then a confirmation message is shown to her of what values she has posted, and only after she verifies and clicks ‘Confirm/Submit’ button, only then the order goes to the exchange.

Does Dhan have such confirmation message setting (or at least do you allow users to set this as an option in their user profile to see a confirmation message if they wish to play safe?) OR is it a case of no-confirmation message shown and direct order is sent to the exchange in 1-click?

Does it differ from asset to asset - like confirmation message displayed for Equities delivery order, but not for F&O, intraday, etc.? Is it available only in app or only in website?

Just curious to know.


Thank you @amy for this note and I fully understand where you are coming from.

It is important for us to cater to both set of users - those who want to place order at their own pace and those who want to place it fast. We have solved it in our product by offering two methods of order placement.

First is a normal order, where you have good amount of time where you can cancel the order in case you change your mind before it is sent to the exchange for execution (meant for investors). Second is a fast order, where you can double-tap on the fast forward order and send it instantly to the exchange (meant for traders).

This user experience is same for all order types and also available on both app and website. Do experience it yourself, Dhan is very simple and intuitive and we keep continuously making it better everyday.

Thank you,

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:+1: @PravinJ
will try for sure.

The present day brokers simply want to get the trade executed by hook or by crook, putting common investors at massive risk of faulty order executions.

Hope Dhan remains different from the “herd”.

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We are trying our best to do everything right for our users.

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Many Thanks. :+1:
And appreciate your inputs.

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