Connect Dhan To Algorooms

Hello Dhan Community,

I want to connect my Dhan account to Algorooms.

I find the Algotest UI a bit clumsy and complicated, and that is why I want to use Algorooms.

Is there a way to connect my Dhan account to Algorooms, as Algorooms doesn’t support Dhan directly?

Hello @Sayantan

We do not have direct integration with Algorooms yet, but we will look into this. As you may know, there are more than 50+ platforms integrated with DhanHQ APIs and our APIs remain open for any partner platform to integrate.

We will try and reach out to Algorooms, but the integration has to be done from their end itself. It will be great if you can reach out to their team as well.

I did send them a mail about integrating Dhan.

Let’s hope, they respond.

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i saw the process of API integration in ur videos but its difficult for those who doesnt know the computer languages, kindly suggest a site like algorooms where no such process is required & we can trade by algo thx

Hello @jain79

Sure. There are multiple platforms integrated with DhanHQ APIs that provide seamless creation of strategy from a no-code tool interface. You can know more about these platforms here - DhanHQ Featured Partners

Please provide a list of all algorithmic trading platforms that support Dhan.

Hello @Ankur_Jain1

Sure, you can find the same at DhanHQ Featured Partners.