Connectivity Issue during Market Hours today : 15 Dec '22

Dear All,

At Dhan - we have always ensured that product, technology and customer experience is in the forefront of everything we do. Broking products are complex, it takes alot to keep things going seamlessly and we do hope that we do that always.

We had an amazing year from the time we started in public access from November 4, 2022, but unfortunately we faced our first connectivity issue today during market hours - and to keep things transparent - we want to share this with our users.

Few users on Dhan today experienced a lag in price updates (partially or fully) between 2.26 PM to 2.30 PM today. We also received a few queries (~50) where users were not able to see price updates on our platforms - more of them on mobile apps and a tiny bit on the web.

We’re writing this post to address those queries and explain why the issue happened. Being an expiry day today (Thursday) by 2:25 we experienced unusual traffic (despite our capacity) on one of our servers - for which we immediately provisioned additional servers to handle the same. During this time - few users who were connected on this server noticed a price lag which we rectified immediately based on the alerts we have. However, order placement modules by all our users continued to be normal throughout this time without any lag or delay and this issue was specific to the market feed only.

We scaled up our technical infrastructure quickly to ensure that the users experiencing a lag were distributed across servers. We want to apologise to users who have experienced this lag - as we strive to give you the best product and customer experience.

If you have any queries, please feel free to write to us at Our team is always on standby to ensure that we answer your questions.

Thank you,
Alok Pandey


Hey @AlokPandey ,

Since Dhan has fantastic distributed and easily scalable architecture, in order to avoid such scenario for market feed, order accepting or any other critical services, wouldn’t it be wiser to scale up these services in advance based on peak load history of the servers?

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@AlokPandey @Dhan

Appreciate your genuine behaviour dhan. Please take care to solve this kind of issues

Why did the auto scaling dint kicked in if one of the servers went down? Is the auto scaling a manual process? 10mins downtime can be reduced or not? If this happens second time what can be the maximum time for the scale up of pods? Can we get these answers to for more trust?

@AlokPandey @Dhan_Help
Why the dhan option trader app taking time (more than
10 sec) to open the nifty chat …
I tried YouTube same time to check whether is there any problem with my internet but it’s working fine .
I have jio fiber connection with 100 Mbps speed.
Kindly resolve the issues
@Dhan is known for lighting fast :horse_racing: