Contract note digital/virtual

Dear team

Can we get contract note after taking single excuted each shares in Market time because we are waiting for next day.

Kindly suggest.

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Hi @Osthir_Mon Contract notes can be issues by the trading platform only after the trades are settled by the exchanges.

Alternatively, Dhan does provide detailed Transaction Estimator for you to estimate all your charges and also know you break-even details to ensure you know details required to keep a trade profitable on a net of charges basis. More details on same here: Now Live on Dhan - Transaction Estimator

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I had requested this earlier too, just re-iterating.

Is it possible to add DEMAT charges in contract note itself, like other brokers do?

Currently DHAN does not add DEMAT charges in contract note.

And then deducts DEMAT charges afterwards.

Which means in my accounts I have to make two separate entries on two different days.

It would be nice if DHAN shows DEMAT charges in contract note itself.

Thank you