Corporate Action – Demerger of Real Estate Business of Raymond

Raymond Limited plans to reorganize its real estate business to maximize growth and attract new investors. To do this, they will combine all their real estate activities into one entity, Raymond Realty Limited (RRL), by demerging the Real Estate Business from Raymond Limited. This restructuring aims to:

  1. Allow each business unit to focus on its strengths and opportunities.
  2. Enable independent growth and specialization of each business.
  3. Improve management efficiency in both companies.
  4. Unlock the value of each business segment, attracting distinct investors and enabling better capital allocation.
  5. Result in shares of Raymond Realty Limited being listed on BSE and NSE, giving current shareholders more investment flexibility.

Overall, this move is designed to benefit shareholders, creditors, and other stakeholders without negatively impacting them or the public. In consideration of the demerger of Real Estate Business Undertaking of RL into RRL, the share exchange ratio has been set a 1 equity share of Raymond Realty Limited fir every 1 equity share of Raymond Limited. Post issue of the new shares, the shares of Raymond Realty Limited (RRL) will be listed on the exchange(s).

Stay tuned on this thread. Will be posting details of this demerger and its impact to the shareholders.