Dashboard Feature (Console as in Zerodha)

From what I have seen people suggest Zerodha to the new entrants to market who want to open a broking account. One feature they say is UI for visualising the data (Console).

Is there any plan on priority to build similar feature in Dhan? Because unless you do so many people won’t suggest Dhan as first choice, you can see the Fyers, although they give way better features than Zerodha, they are not able to capture market share in same footing.

I hope Dhan builds one similar to Console (not sure how difficult is that)

If you can go one step ahead integrate a trading Journal too… I’m sure that would be the game changer. Please keep it confidential too… :wink:


Hi @Vignesh_N ,

Noted all your requests. Few things are in pipeline already :wink: :smile:

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Hi @Vignesh_N, @Yash0301

AnaStrat is now live for users of Dhan! Think about trade analytics and I’m sure we’ll serve everything under it. Start with a 30 day free trial.

Your feedback on AnaStrat would help us build better for the community! So please feel free to reach us out with any queries/feedback.

It would be very userful if we get a dash board for the equity portfolio. a data visualization of portfolio performance with the bench mark, multiple time PL chart … top holding etc . an Excel Visualization.

Hi @Shinujz

Thanks for your suggestion. We have noted your feedback and we will try to evaluate the possibility to provide this feature.