Dhan charts are unreliable

Its like fyers all over again. Its 3rd time dhan having issues. Last Friday and Today morning dhan terminal was not loading. Atleast fyers acknowledge their issue in twitter and their community. All that dhan doing is promotion. From the beginning itself traders are complaining about speed of execution and loading issue all they were doing is asking proof and saying that not having such issue. Comment below if you have faced same issue.


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For you internet issue and for me its always wrong data by exchange.

Few months back they have promised to make app faster. But in reality what did with glass design was increasing animation and rounding of ui elements. Promising some thing and delivering something.
Most of users were also complaing about Alerts were not working properly. Instead of improving what they already have, they are busy introducing new features nobody asked. Basic things like updating information and reports are still not upto the mark.

With first version of TV.UPSTOX itself they have faster option chain and order margin calculation.

Users in dhan suggession that are not valued.

  • Single fast order placement button
  • Better placement for QR code scanning
  • Alternative authenticator based 2fa
  • Tv order window optimization
  • Improvement for alerts
  • Issues with reports and tax filing
  • Chart loading delay
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A way to test execution speed by placing orders manually.
In dhan one can only place 1 order per second and for kite its 3 order p/s and any other platform using api like gocharting, nest, 1cliq all can execute 6 order p/s. If we execute orders continuously in dhan it will lag, no other mentioned platform will not

Hi @sharu_john

We need to understand how you are testing the speed of order placement. Our order placement rate limits are at 25 order/second. Reference link for more details: Introduction - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document

Mr.naman In the recent past dhan platform is having rate refreshment issue regularly.If we use higher number of orders then mobile app starts to hang.

Dhan is not at all providing any kind of improvement in core trading. They are very dedicated to animation to their mobile apps. Animations won’t help dhan & customers in anyway to better trading experience.
If you ignore core trading development like this then surely customers will switch to our platforms which is already many users saying in dhan community. As of now i had decided to leave dhan due to their poor core trading rate refreshment,order execution & snappy mobile apps.

@sharu_john I am experiencing the same issue of chart delay for like a minute or little more than that every time I open a chart in Dhan!!! So I stop trading from Dhan. Some times charts/chart data are improper. Even differing from exchange data itself!!!

Its not DHAN problem, exchange is sending wrong data to DHAN. Exchange wants DHAN to fail.

Dhan api may have that capability, but try placing market orders manually continuously from dhan.co tv.dhan you can only place 1 order per second and if you do it more then website will lag. But that not the case with kite or other platforms.

@sharu_john Even they don’t have Live market data feed available like Fyers!!! May be that can help and solve this problems.

Hi @MonkInTrade ,

We will be happy to assist you regarding this, please help us at your convenience time on help@dhan.co

As a result of dhan’s half truth marketing i have seen people complaining they have not getting tradingview pro after opening demat account.

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Firstly, TradingView + Dhan is not giving TradingView Pro or any paid subscription. tv.dhan.co is a separate trading terminal which look just like the original TradingView.

Second, you can connect Dhan to TradingView’s trading panel and execute trades directly from TradingView. Dhan is the only broker to provide this feature but now other brokers will also come.

You don’t get it completely. Its will be confusing those don’t have account with dhan. They are saying no need to pay additional fees to use tradingview features and comparing it with ₹12000 tradingview pro subscription. Its completely wrong we don’t get everything in tv.dhan. Everyone seeing this won’t be able figure it out. Good thing that you did. Its like cheating. Some users then report this after opening account.

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Hi @sharu_john

We have two Tradingview product.

  1. tv.dhan.co - The hosted version which we control and own.
  2. Dhan on tradingview.com Trading Panel.

The comparison you just mentioned above is for tv.dhan.co. If you scroll sideways on the same page you will find more offerings other than pricing where it is clearly mentioned what all features are part of tv.dhan.co

Screenshot below for reference

Also all the advertisement or landing pages are completely complaint as we are registered broker and under the preview of regulations. Hence, there is zero scope of false claims or promotions.

If everything is not included no need to compare with actual TV pro subscription. If you scroll to indicator section. Dhan is showcasing as it has more indicator than TV has to offer. Actually that’s not true TV has community builded indicator as well.

Most of the brokers are now providing TV chats. They don’t market this way. Iam aware that TV can connected with dhan. If someone has to to use full potential of TV they have subscribe to pro. In dhan web it says no additional cost.

Hi @Light

We would like to connect with you on Google meet/zoom to understand the issue better & help resolve all the queries.

Would really appreciate if you would please suggest us the time whatever time & date you’re comfortable with & our team will provide required support & understand the concern.

Please let me know your registered email id in the DMs and your preferred time. Will send the call invite accordingly.

This is 100℅ correct