Dhan office visit to Review Options Trader App 🚀

Hello, Dhan Users in Mumbai :smiley: :night_with_stars:

We are inviting select users for a sneak preview of the new Options Trader App at Dhan’s Office :office: :rocket:

Here’s your chance to grab a seat, register for the event here

Lunch & awesome interactions are on us :zap:

Date : 23rd April, 11:00 am (Saturday)

P.S. : Limited Seats Only :rocket:


@RahulDeshpande , this is an awesome call, wish i was in Mumbai.

Can you plz clarify our expectation on one thing with regards to new app…

Regarding " 1 Tap Execution of strategy "
if I understand it right, it works like the logic of Basket order which has predefined legs like straddle or strangle etc etc.

Here is traders expectations:
Does is app is built with a framework that only predefined strategy can be placed or customization can be made. like custom strategy which is no where in the books? can we place customized strategy?

does it support trading via webhook?

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मी दिवळीपासून गावाला आहे.
पनवेलला असतो तर नक्कीच आलो असतो… नगरला एखादा कार्यक्रम करा नक्की येणार.

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@RahulDeshpande I am coming to your office

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Can’t disclose much right now :speak_no_evil: :smile:

But, I can say it’s close to your expectations :wink:

And in anyway, you also know how much customer centric we are, if there’s any additional request or any specific mismatch with the experience, you are more than welcome to share with us your suggestion and feedback. If need be, will surely implement it.

@RahulDeshpande , That’s the basic requirement for any option trading. if it is only for predefined strategy there “what’s in it for an option trader” is a big zero. as other brokers have all these in place and there is nothing really new for an wheel to invent here.

if you allow custom / dynamic baskets easy edits then this is the best and unmatchable experience we would get else I doubt.

having said this Dhan is great and love to be part of Dhan family but while you really aim to provide traders a edge in their trading. ask you designers / developers to silently involve who trade a lot in options.

ask your designers and developers to understand the ground pain while placing a trade. or else run a campaign to record and post live traded (unedited) and ask them to analyze the numerous manual intervention a trader is doing for placing the trades. then plan / innovate to make it faster and better and make it more easier.

@RahulDeshpande ,

Great going, keep it up!


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