Dhan TradingView chart Stop Price line and Limit Price line should drag together

In dhan tradingview chart, after setting Sell Stop Limit/Buy Stop Limit order the Stop Price and Limit Price lines should move together when dragged by clicking Stop Price line maintaining the price difference between both of them that we had manually set earlier and the Limit Price line should be allowed to be dragged individually.

I’m a new user of dhan trading platform. This week while in a trade from dhan tradingview chart I was trailing my stoploss and I dragged the Stop Price near to the current price and then I found that the Limit Price line is not being allowed to be dragged at the time of order modify. So I clicked modify so that next I can drag the Limit Price line on the chart near to the Stop Price line but suddenly the price dropped and hit my Stop Price and executed the earlier set Limit Price and I was still modifying it. My previous Limit Price got executed. So both the Stop Price and Limit Price lines should drag together keeping previous price difference.

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eactly,if we can get this feature ,it will be like miracle…

just like trailing stop loss…

really needed


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We got your point and understand your pain. We will try our best & come up with best possible experience for StopLoss-Limit order on tv.dhan.co. But the thing is we are limited here by certain library restrictions. SL-Limit is not an order type in TV library. TV library takes both trigger leg & order leg as two separate order line, hence it is bit a challenge to move both the legs together while drag & drop.

Hope this helps!

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I understand your limitations but we can use existing framework to make StopLoss Limit order as a single click order.
StopLoss Limit order we need to specify two price one stop price and second limit price at which order gets executed. Also limit price should grater than stop price or trigger price.

So while placing such order we need to manually enter the limit price even if we buy through on chart.
When we place order through chart the default price will be same for both trigger price and limit price.
Here we have chance to make limit price greater than trigger price by 0.5

If I want to buy 100 rs when i select stop loss limit order, the trigger price will come as 100 and stop price will automatically come as 100.05

same with sell side, 100 as stop price and 99.95 as limit price.
With this with two click we can place the order.

also last buy/ sell quantity should be save automatically.

same logic should be applied to dragging mechanism.

Also power should be given in the hand of user to change difference value to any value as per their (i.e.0.05) requirement.


I hope you will understand and implement this concept as fast as possible.

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I faced problems placing stop limit, or stop order from chart by mobile app. It says contact your broker or rejected whenever i try to place stop limit order from mobile app chart


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We would like to understand and resolve your specific case. Request if you can share the order details at help@dhan.co or call at 022-4890 6273, we will have this checked.

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