Dhan TV - Can we rely upon prices?

Hi @PravinJ,

Many calculations depend on the day open price.

Can you please explain why open price in Dhan TV is different?

When and how will you ensure this is fixed and doesn’t repeat?



Dhan Web

Dhan TV

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Hi @amit

For first candle indices - we have identified this, its more to do with how we process the information and render on the charts. Work in progress and @Naman is resolving this.

We want to make sure we are reliable with all information in real-time, over the period of time we have improved TradingView experience a lot and will continue to do so.


thanks @PravinJ !

@Naman, please let us know once this is fixed.

@Naman @PravinJ

Please make a note that Day high is also incorrect :sneezing_face:

also difference in LTP :face_with_thermometer:

Dhan TV




@PravinJ ,

Is this so difficult to fix that it takes weeks OR is it not so important issue?

Can we expedite the fix?

Hi @amit

This is a critical one, and being developed and tested even now. If this was our systems we are must faster usually, but this needs seamless integrations on TradingView components, it takes bit longer and also has to be rolled out across all systems at the same time.

Already on our priority list to close.


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@PravinJ, can you please ensure reliability as no 1 priority?

Not fixed yet

Each candle shows footprints of the auction that took place at a particular time, which is completely changed


Hi @amit we are working on this one. @Naman and team will keep posted here.

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Chart shows low is broken - incorrect

Previous swing high didn’t break - incorrect

@Naman ,

Seeing the wrong data, taken a wrong decision and booked loss.

Kindly stop doing everything and please fix this ASAP.

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Hi @amit

The bank nifty charts of TradingView is continuous chart i.e. till yesterday it is March contract values and from today it is April contract value.
On the other hand, DhanTV has contract wise chart for intraday (here you have timeframe of 5 min), so yesterday’s data and today’s data are both of April contract.

DhanTV also has continuous charts for daily time frame.

@Naman, thanks for looking into the issue.

DhanTV has contract wise chart for intraday (here you have timeframe of 5 min), so yesterday’s data and today’s data are both of April contract.

Great! Learning new things about Dhan TV intraday charts. Any plans of making intraday charts continuous?

BTW, can we expect first 5min pricing issue to be resolved anytime soon? I believe this issue is going on since more than a month.


Ideally you should put a note on intraday chart

First 5 min chart OHLC are unreliable, we’re yet to fix it. Until then, please use other chart platforms for your analysis.

@PravinJ ,

Should there be any timelines for fixing critical data related issues?


Hope this is fixed! It’s triggering a double top strategy with the chart on Dhan TV whereas it’s a downward slope trendline on OG TV. A wonderful breakout missed due to this wrong imprint.

@amit @ayaan this was resolved long time back. We haven’t heard any reporting any issues on options charting data now.

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I am not sure about options chart data, but I am still facing this issue on stock charts. Honestly, this is a very serious issue. I don’t know why Dhan is not solving this :man_shrugging:

First screenshot is of Tradingview chart & second one is of Dhan platform (tv) -

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