Dhan TV - Instant Bracket Order

Hey @PravinJ @Naman ,

Can you please provide an option to place an Instant BO from TV with user configuration of SL% and TP%? SL and TP can be numeric up/down with minimum/maximum range defined by Dhan.


For the scripts (i.e. options) where SL-M is not allowed by NSE, it should place SL-L with default trigger of x points based on user settings. For example, 3 points for Bank Nifty Options.

Hi @amit

Feedback noted. There are certain limitations in TradingView library. We got your requirement of default settings for BO, we will evaluate and accordingly incorporate in our roadmap.

BO & CO for options - We are working on it and figuring out all the possibilities, though little challenging.

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This will be much useful for options traders.

Maybe you can tweak the forever or GTT order type to be present as a BO or CO on the front end but in the backend technically it can be treated as a forever order.

Hi @SriHarsha ,

Welcome to the Dhan community :smiley:

Thanks for your suggestion, we will surely look into this. As Naman said, we are trying to figure out all the possibilities and will try to build that is helpful to the users.

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Hi @amit & @SriHarsha,

Glad to inform, we are now live with Bracket Order for options in Dhan app and Web platform :slightly_smiling_face:

Read more here: Brackets Orders for Options Trading on Dhan

Hey @Poornima ,

Can Bracket Order be placed from from Dhan TV chart?

Hi @amit,

Currently, BO for option can be placed from web.dhan.co and Dhan app.

Does that mean, this order will not go through from “tv.dhan.co” ?

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Hi @vinay_sd17,

The work is in process for the BO to be placed from TradingView.

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Hi @vinay_sd17

The Bracket order for Options is available now from tv.dhan.co as well. Full post on BO for options here.

Today i traded in tv.dhan.co. But i am not able to find any bracket order option. Can you help me how to enable that for tv.dhan.co.I am able place cover order in mobile app

There is no specific option to enable it, Place an order like below for BO from tv.dhan

hi @vinay_sd17

Is the BO from TV.dhan.co working for index options? I got an error yesterday that BO not enabled.Are you able to place BO orders?

Order is successfully going through via TV (BO) @RSVel

Tried both Nifty & BankNifty



@vinay_sd17 ,
yea.it worked. Thanks for letting me know

Thank you Dhan team. Awesome

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Are the BOs disabled for the Index options? I get an error while placing them

Hi @RSVel ,

We removed it temporarily to work on some feedback we have got. Will be enabled soon.

@Dhan Team, Is the BO order on TV again disabled?
Getting an error :

  1. “Trigger_price Not in Range” when placing the market order
  2. “Trigger Gap is Out of the specified Gap Range” when placing the limit order
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Any update on this. is this feature again enabled?