Dhan TV - Uncleared executed order from chart

Hi @Naman @PravinJ,

Many times chart keeps showing the executed order on chart. Ideally, chart should show only open position and pending orders, but not the executed orders.

Also, the Account Manager panel is not showing any Closed Position.

Even if refresh button is clicked, it doesn’t clear out the order from the chart or update the close position. It gets cleared only if browser page is refreshed.

Issues like this questions the reliability of the trading platform, a new user might end up doing some mistake seeing a false pending order on the chart.

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Are you still facing this bug? I am facing this since the first day of trading with Dhan. All my orders stay on screen and this results into trade errors too. It is really painful for intraday traders.

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Hey @jay ,

Recently I had faced following issue.

Intermittent Issue - Pending order not visible on TV chart - Bugs - Dhan Community

To me, display orders on chart feature stills looks to be unstable.

@PravinJ @Naman should explain more.

I just tested it for couple of orders, worked well.

What type / quantity of orders you were placing? If possible do share the order numbers with @Dhan_Help at help@dhan.co