Dhan - Unreliable Bracket Order Execution

Hey @PravinJ @Naman,

The kind of issues I’m finding, making it difficult for me to trust your platform.

I had a BO in place with target and stop but it didn’t executed the target order. Seeing this, when I tried to modify the target order it just gets hung. Finally, somehow I had to close the position from Account Manager panel.


Since the BO supposed to provide utmost safety, it becomes the obvious choice for any trader. Think of a trader using BO, goes out for some other work and when comes back finds BO didn’t work as expected. What’s the point of having a BO?


Would appreciate your reply on such critical issue.

Also, now when I’m looking into the executed orders. finding that even though BOs were fired from TV but they don’t contain TV tag.

Hi @amit

Our Customer Support team already spoke to you in this regard. We went to your order trails and found no discrepancy. Still you feel there is something to discuss more, our CS team is happy to help.

The order tag for TV, we will look into this and resolve it soon.

Hope this helps.

@Naman ,

I can only tell that support team couldn’t figure out what went wrong and kept asking me for recording video. I’m really not sure, how can recording be provided for the executed orders or if they want to me to again take a new position just to reproduce the issue.

  1. In the picture we can see, the target order didn’t get executed. So, its visible on the chart. Isn’t it?

  1. In the picture we can see, x button on target is also disabled due to which I couldn’t modify the order. After clicking on qty on the target order, it opened the order form but again trying to modify the order from there also didn’t work.

  1. How the hell BO stop price (36950) became greater than target (36923) and entry (36878).

@Naman @PravinJ ,

Don’t you think this needs further investigation and fix?


Hi @amit

Yes, we can see in screenshot that you have a pending order at 36924, but in our trails and logs we could not find this order. What we identified is that the SL leg of BO was already executed and Target leg was cancelled, but somehow it didnt update on frontend. This we will definitely figure out and fix it asap.
This is the reason you were not able to see cancel button and modify it.

  • The cancelled order in your screenshot no 3 is not SL leg but target leg.

Hope this help. We can get on to the call, maybe tomorrow and discuss things in detail.

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Alright, thanks @Naman !!

@Naman ,

Unable to understand why did it created 2 targets/stops of 25 qty?


@Naman ,

Also, it doesn’t allow stop to place near to entry price. It fails and then checkbox is disabled.

@PravinJ , It seems like customers are only QA here


what is the stop in points ?

@chirag01 ,

While placing the order I had stop distance more than 110 points (>0.3%).

But, after order is placed, it should allow to bring the stop near to entry, no? What’s the harm?

I stopped using BO longtime back but some brokers at that time specified to keep a minimum safe bcos spurts used to take out both legs and end up with and open order.

Bcos BO is not an exchange spec, Broker will have 2 orders and their Broker server has to cancel the other when one side is filled.

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@chirag01 ,

In that case, implementation should verify distance of target and stop both, isn’t it? It’s poor logic implemented in 2022.

Let’s see how best Dhan can make their BO implementation.

@Naman @PravinJ

@amit ,

This is the universal problem of BO and not specific to Dhan, while close price is near to your entry zone you cant move the SL to Break Even. hence this error is triggered. good that you are getting the error.


Thats the way. BO dosent consolidate the orders most of the time. 99% of the time it generates split orders. only way to control (not the solution but a suggestion for your problem) is enable the DOM (price ladder) and place the trade where there is enough volume in that price. if the volume is less for that price then it is tend to split the orders.

In short, if you wish to buy 2 lots at price X then there should be one seller who should be willing to sell 2 lots.

if there are 2 seller with 1 lot each then your BO order gets split. or if the price fluctuate during the execution time (micro mili seconds matter) and 2nd order did not get the same price of the 1st order it again split.

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I am facing same problem, i lost 5k because of this