Dhan web console should reduce number of clicks

I have been using dhan console for a while , but it seems from user experience perspective , dhan should consider decreasing the number of clicks to show various actions / pages . Like showing charts from order book . There is no direct option to do that, Similarly i have felt in various places of console, certain options can be accessed via single click rather then clicking 3-4 times .

When you are trading this becomes sometimes irritating ,when trying to switch between multiple tabs to access some feature .

Another suggestion could be to have 2 versions of web console … like lite version with minimal options (pardon me if it already exists ) and other could be the current web console.

I hope my feedback can help in improving user experience .



Hey @luke_skywalker

Thank you for the feedback. We are committed to improve the Dhan experience with user feedback such as yours. Looking forward to your continued trust on us.

This has been mentioned multiple times to team however it always gets buried and forgotten. It is only at acknowledgement stage. And now with the news.of sebi looking to reduce retail participation to “save” retailers from losses, discount brokers have even less motivation to push for app improvement

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