Dhan Web / Mobile - Freeze issue

Hi @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

I have seen the web interface freezing sometimes. See the pic. When I clicked on the thunderbolt button it didn’t respond for sometime and then this error was shown. But order was placed.

The latest build of mobile app also freezes sometimes. This I noticed while updating baskets where if I delete an instrument nothing happens for sometime and then around 30 seconds later it is deleted and updated basket is shown.

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Hi @t7support ,

Request you to please share your Order ID on help@dhan.co. We will get this checked.

cc: @Dhan_Help

Browser Chrome, OS - Ubuntu Linux, Internet connection - Leased fibre lines with redundancy.

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Hi @t7support,

Thanks for highlighting, we are getting this checked.

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Ok thanks @Dhan_Help

Hi @t7support

Our team checked this and identified the cause. This specific scenario is very rare and would have been caused by an intermittent delay in order response.

This doesn’t happen often. Our team will continue to monitor this.

Dhan Help

Ok Thanks. Appreciate the quick response.