Direct Mutual Fund Investing

By which month Direct Mutual Fund investing feature would be available on Dhan.

Hi @AG001, we are hoping for this month itself - in June. But before that we have to go live with new MCX trading system. Our teams will ship things in that order, so most likely June, in case we are bit late then this should be in next month: July.

We also want to launch this fast.

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i hope that MF transfer to dhan is also taken into account like transfer of ELSS funds which includes dematerialisation of SOA units or from other brokers which are held in demat form (closure cum transfer process) and where we will be able to add the price for the discrepant quantities that are transferred to dhan instead of applying the current NAV as average buy price for these units.

Hi @surajchavan

Welcome to the Dhan community.

All I am going to say is to keep tab on community for any further updates on MF. :slight_smile:

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Hello Team Dhan

It was in the month of June 2023 when the DMF was to go live and now even half of the August gone but no signs of any development, also, several subscribers/customers are requesting since April 2022 to improve the trading account reports and profit & loss reports and make them segment-wise and section-wise readily accessible but even on that aspect the DHAN is a fiasco and meaning thereby that the DHAN team is now tired of development and legging behind their schedule and failing their commitments.
These are the alarms which make the subscribers/customers alert to get ready as it may be needed to jump the boat any day.