Do I need to close sell delivery order

I set a forever sell order (delivery order) and when the price is reached, it got triggered automatically but then later that when I opened dhan Mobile app, it shows open position.

What does that mean? Do I need to explicitly close the sell order even for delivery type order? Or what are the consequences when I don’t close a delivery type sell order.

Basically I don’t understand why forever delivery order remains open.

Could someone explain what does this means. It was automatically triggered because I set a forever sell delivery order in past. Why it


Hi @gmatesunny

Whenever the holdings are sold, it will reflect in the position tab for the same day which you need to ignore as the sell order has been completed and it won’t affect the sell value or p&l booked.

Why to even show those delivery order as open position. It’s very confusingspecially when you have both trading and delivery position for the same stock on same day?

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Hi @gmatesunny,

We have your feedback on this, thank you.