Drawing not getting saved on Tv.Dhan.co

I used to like the multiple chart feature, not even a single drawing is getting saved. This is a nightmare, all the time & effort on the charts get washed away.

Please resolve this, so that we can have a better view & conviction.

I am looking a fast reply.

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yes facing problem to save charts after disconection the wifi but not saved the chart

Hi @Kushagra_Kumawat

Welcome to the MadeForTrade Community.

As discussed on the call, we have kept 5 MB as a maximum limit to save drawings per layout. Meanwhile, you may try saving more drawings in different layouts, refer to the screenshot to create a new layout

Further, noted your suggestion to increase the layout size.


I hope Dhan takes action soon and increases the chart size limit to an extent where one can use all the possible multiple chart features that Trading View offers. So that the work someone has put on charts doesn’t go to waste. It is really difficult to change charting software again & again.

Hoping for a quick resolution.

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Please increase your layout limit. We got very frustrated after we did a lot of work on charts they did not get saved. Please look into it urgently.

Happening with me too. Additionally I can’t manually resize the chart layouts in tv.dhan.co anymore.