Ema is not stable in chart as its changing continueously

Dear dhan team, i have notice 1 bug, when we apply any EMA on chart it applies but when u do research and bancktest, every time i scroll back in chart ema is changing , like its not stableā€¦it becomes upside downsideā€¦due to this we unable to determine which candle has touched Ema actuallyā€¦and when i check this on other platforms like tradingview or any other broker they dont have such issueā€¦
So please resolve this issueā€¦
I can send the video of this but here there is no option for videosā€¦

Many bugs in their platform better switch other platform

Dear dhan team please reply on this

You can upload your video to YouTube or other such platform and paste the link here

Hi @Vishd,

We have reviewed that the indicator value changes based on the length entered, and it retrieves the total number of candles from past data to display the value. Additionally, please email us the video at help@dhan.co so we can review it.

Actually there is bug just check big ema like 200, 100 ema for ur reference and scroll back ā€¦and i will share u video asap

Please check email i sent videoā€¦just now from vishal dongareā€¦please check and solve bcz whenever i open any chart it shows wrong plotā€¦ i need to scroll back then it shows r8 plotā€¦

We are reviewing the shared video and will keep you posted with an update soon.

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Hi @Vishd,

We have discussed with our team and found that this is the normal behaviour of indicator values changing based on the candles displayed on chart as each candle have unique OHLC values.

Dear team, please check this as this is not normal behaviour as other broker n trading view platform this is not happeningā€¦and this is serious issueā€¦as example when we open chart it shows 200 ema is on 10rs and i can take trade on 10rs but when we scroll back and then and adjust chart again then its showing 200ema on 15 rsā€¦so my trade will be wrongā€¦so its serious issue ā€¦200 ema should not moving it should be constantā€¦please escalate this issue to upper team and go deep research on thisā€¦some coding issue will be thereā€¦and this will create big problems to dhan brokerā€¦if u think this is normal go n check other platforms u will notice not a single ema is dancingā€¦only in dhan ema is dancing specially 200ema

And please check i posted new video where i showed how this dhan 200ema giving false singnal or showing false priceā€¦then u will know how critical this problem isā€¦

Hi @Vishd,

Our team is checking and will get back to on your email with an update.

@Vishd I trade with EMA and everything looks fine. Try adjusting your chart settings maybe?

Which ema u usedā€¦ Donā€™t use smaller ema ā€¦use 100 or 200 emaā€¦and from ur team they told that they found root cause and now u are saying its working fineā€¦check properly bcz i trade daily and i am getting this issue daily ā€¦please check my second video which sent on mailā€¦u will know what issue we dhan client facingā€¦

if u need clarity on issue i can provide remote of my pc to understand issueā€¦

Oh understood. I use 12 EMA.
Iā€™m a user like you, not from Dhan. How can I check email buddy?

I also thought that u r from dhan teamā€¦ please mention nxt tym so it will clear to othersā€¦

@Vishd Why do I need to mention anything to anyone? If someone is from Dhan, then there is a Dhan logo beside the profile picture. This is an open forum up for discussion with everyone. Itā€™s rather a bias on your part and wrong to assume that anybody who replies on your topic is from Dhan. Next time, please donā€™t assume things by yourself. Have a good night.

EMA is completely fine. When you scroll obviously its values will change as it calculates from the right most candle on the screen currently to ā€˜xā€™ candles before as chosen by the user.

You need to understand how indicators are plotted.

All indicators works on the same method.

I use EMA actively everyday in my setup and theyā€™re completely flawless.

U donā€™t get itā€¦select 200 ema and take 2 layout windows even in single also fineā€¦then just open stock u will notice 200 ema for ex on 10 rs so what u will do, u trade accordingly but when u scroll back and check actual 200 ema is on 15rs so first showing was falseā€¦i checked this in tradingview or other platforms there is no issue like thisā€¦make proper analysis then u will knowā€¦even on mail dhan team confirm this issue and root causeā€¦

And what u said is wrongā€¦value should not be change and ema should remain constantā€¦ Check other platforms then u know where values not change

Share video link to understand