Enable volume on Nifty index chart data

Now that volume is available for Nifty Index (even tradingview is able to present Nifty index volume data), please enable it as soon as possible.

@Dhan @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Hi @mnikhil - Can you share the screenshot, not able to find this. Also NIFTY / Indices are not traded, so volume data doesn’t seem to be right in any way. Futures are traded, which is what TV shows and also us (including Options on Dhan)

Sure. Attached screenshot.

This is available to anyone and everyone. Even to people without a login.

Hmm… who is the data provider to Dhan? I guess you will have to have a word with them.

For that matter, if it helps – ping your connections at TradingView/India (you guys are in business with them) to see how they are able to get this. This is big leap, but a good leap.