Exit all button didn't work in iceberg order

exit all button work in normal order but not in iceberg order . any specific reason you did this . it’s very helpful specially during expiries .

@Naman @RahulDeshpande

Need these two features related to iceberg.

  1. iceberg + Basket orders.

  2. iceberg + Exit All button


@PravinJ @shraddha @Poornima @prikulkarni
sir/ mam please implement this fast . today my profit was 96k in a trade executed by iceberg order and i put stoploss . but was unable to exit all at Market price , cancelled pending order , until then my profit dropped to half .
allow exit all even after there is pending iceberg sell order .

Even Exit All doesn’t work with simple call or put spread .

Every time we have Exit sell leg first then exit (after few seconds) from buy leg .

Have to face slippage.

The only and only one issues i am facing.

Rest all is very good.

Orders execution is really good.

But Exiting order is very hard and toughest task with slippage.

Sorry. @PravinJ but its a harsh truth.

@PravinJ do a trade and exit all and feel the issues.

Thanks :pray:

Hi @dsc

As discussed on call, if you have a pending order (target or stop loss) for your open position then you need to first cancel it by “Cancel All” checkbox. Post that, you can exit from the position tab (exit all) which will slice the orders accordingly.


Hi @pratik01

We have noted your suggestion to add iceberg feature in basket order. :+1:

Further, the iceberg will work if you square-off from Exit All button. Incase of any difficulty, do let us know.

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do a trade in call or put spread and exit all and feel the issues (pain)

Hi @Amitagsk

We tried connecting you but were unable to reach.

For exiting a hedged position, you need to square-off parent leg first (the sell leg in most cases) and then the buy position. This is because the overall margin shown in the basket is considering all the orders and not for a naked sell/buy position.

For breaking hedged position, there is a penalty charged by the exchange, which we do not pass to clients. To avoid such situations, we have introduced hedge break alerts. Request you to Exit your positions considering this.

Read more in the below post for your reference.