External Portfolio

The external portfolio feature is useless in its current form. I added my external accounts in December and it fetched my holdings as of that date which hasnt been refreshed for last 2 months. If it cant show the current holdings of external accounts what is the point of this feature. There isnt a way to manually refresh it either.

As a result total portfolio value is also shown incorrectly.

Worst part is it doesnt allow me to deregister the external accounts and I have to keep seeing incorrect account value everytime I am on that screen.

Very frustrating

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Hi @DrawFlappy welcome to Dhan community!

Please share your UCC over DM, will get this checked.

Hi @DrawFlappy,

Please send us a request to remove this feature from your account via an email on help@dhan.co and we will get this done. The option to do it from the app will be available in the next release.

I understand the issue you have been facing, however, Account Aggregator in it’s current form is not stable and we’re working with the ecosystem to make this better for all.

Thanks. I have sent an email to support as you suggested.