Facing Difficulty to read option chain data without scroll bar

Facing some difficulty using live option chain info compare to sensibull, because we have scroll bar to move top to bottom but here we have to use mouse or else we have to click on strike price to move up & down so please arrange scroll bar for more information and also provide option geeks for better understanding complete data.

Hi @itsmytrading think we got what you are trying to mention.

Will evaluate this, it has a lot to do with overall page structure of Dhan. If this can be done, we will have to done.

so can we expect geeks data also along with scroll bar & iv data

Really high time that you provided scroll bars in option chain pages. I can’t believe this is so challenging to implement.

Hi @raghu7089 ,

Welcome to the Dhan community.

Thanks for your suggestion. As mentioned by Pj, it has to do with the layout of the overall page structure of Dhan. We are already evaluating. Will surely let you know once we plan on implementing it.

Same answer as four months ago.
Its not only option chain, on many other pages too I feel handicapped without scroll bars.

We had discussed this @raghu7089 with our teams, its like writing the front-end application again. Lot of other priorities on core trading systems is what our teams are working on at this moment.

Its getting worse

Its showing me otm strike at opening

It’s frustrating . Leave every other improvement . This is most important thing to index traders