Facing Error HTTP429 "failure Your account is not authorize to use this API.... "

Hi there, I’m trading through own python script for last few months. Today suddenly facing this error fetching banknifty intraday data. Need Help ASAP PLEASE

Is your access token still valid? or did you surpass requests limit?

thats what I first thought and renewed the token…but thats not the case

And Limits? I am sure this is related to limits. Can you try to fetch data only 1 time? Like Ltp of a security?

yes only once I fetched intraday data of bn…thats how its scripted…fetching bn data once every loop

And what is loop count? It should not be more than 10 per second or 1000 per minute.

I firmly believe that you have created correct loop count considering the limits however, if issue is still there then it might be related to access which is now revoked.
Adding @Hardik

1 loop per 10 sec is set…but it actually runs 14s a loop…limit is not the case bro. going faster than that creates false signals

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Hey @joker-w

Looks like your access to Data APIs has expired or revoked. Can you DM your Client ID, so that the validity for Data API can be checked here.


please check your message