Facing so many issues with tradingview order panel

when we place the sl order in options in tradingview order panel if I want to change that order to limit or market order it does not allow us to do that.

when I feel I was wrong and the price going against me, I want to change that to limit order to get out of the trade.

once we place the order from the tv order panel, it does not allow us to change the order type. we need a custom order panel that would be very handy and fast, your custom order panel is so slow.

the kite order panel is so smooth and very easy to place the orders, we are expecting the same in dhan as fyers did in tradingview charts.

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Hi @Jp007
Once you place the order and successfully sent to exchange you can not modify the order type. You can definitely modify the prices & quantity, but not the order type. This is par with the industry standard.

No, it’s an issue with Trading view order panel, kindly check zerodha or fyers order panel… we can modify both order type and price whenever we want… this is very big problem for me while doing in intraday trading. Kindly check once…

Sure. We will check it. If it is technologically feasible, we will provide this on tv.dhan.co. Though you can modify your order type on our web platform