Feature Announcement - After Market Orders on Dhan

Not all of us are full-time investors or traders. We get that.
Maybe you invest because you like it.
Maybe you invest because you want to achieve financial freedom.
Maybe you invest because… cause you have started liking Dhan :slight_smile:
We love you anyway!

And there are rare times when we (sadly) feel that market trading hours are limited. Market hours also coincide with our own professional working hours and eventually we might miss that trade or investment opportunity that we thought we would place the next day - but forgot to do. :frowning:

Or maybe, there’s breaking news today and you know you won’t be able to wake up by 9.15 AM tomorrow! This happens, yes :see_no_evil:

Just like we love you no matter your reason to invest or trade, we don’t want you to miss that investment or trading opportunity for any reason whatsoever.

Introducing After-Market Order Experience on Dhan!

We have simplified the AMO (After Market Experience for you) - no need to find the AMO section or tag it differently or do anything more that you do otherwise for placing orders on Dhan.

Industry First - We have made After Market Orders inline. Every single order placed via Dhan after market hours or before market opens - is now inline treated as an AMO.

Want more? Don’t want to execute orders immediately when the market opens? You also have a choice to execute the order 30 minutes or 60 minutes after the market opens!

If you’re wondering why we’ve kept two additional time slots for you, well - we’ve noticed that the market is at times a bit volatile when it opens - could be some global news, or a local one, or anything - who knows! There are also institutional players punching in orders, adrenaline is high and everyone just wants the best price!

Maybe you’re not that person! Maybe you want the market to settle for your trade. Maybe you’re a long-term investor who doesn’t care much about price. We want to give you that option as well!

And yes, all AMO orders are available in the Orders section and you can cancel them anytime before the set execution time. Easy & simple, as always with Dhan. :slight_smile:

We hope this new experience will help you. We are continuously optimising our investment experience based on your requests. Every suggestion and feedback that we receive from you, we carefully evaluate and incorporate to build Dhan.

Do let us know your feedback here or on feedback@dhan.co or share with us directly from the Dhan app.

Product team @ Dhan

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@Anirudha This is looking very good. Very well thought of and built. I have placed few AMO orders both buy and sell in Cash as well as FnO Segments. Only point that I will have to check is whether my Cash Sell order gets executed or fail due to lack of authorization on the day of sell through my depository account - CDSL. Or is there an alert message on my @Dhan App to re-authorise sell orders for entire day for all my holdings on the day of sell?


This actually is called as “smart” feature !
Looking forward for more of these smart and common sense features !


@Anirudha Incase if i decide to execute my order after 30 mins or 60 mins. Will it still remain an AMO or it will be become a normal order type?

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Hi Nitesh,

Thanks a lot for your feedback! Hope you tried our AMO order over the weekend!

As of now, for Cash Sell orders, we take the CDSL authorization during the time of order placement, so that during the weekday, it gets pumped to exchange smoothly!

We are working to better our alerts system! Do use it and let us know how we can improve this!

Thanks Saurabh!

We love our Smart Investors and Traders as well! :heart:

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Hey there! Welcome to Dhan Community!

Yes, it’ll still function as an AMO!

Do note that AMO is just a facility provided by us for ease of use. In essence, there is no difference between an AMO order (to be executed after say, 30mins) and a market order which you actually place 30mins after market opens!

Hi Anirudha,

I placed couple of AMO orders (FnO) and it worked as per expectation. Traders who wish to execute as per plan will use this feature more often. As mentioned earlier, this is a very well thought of and built. Appreciate the entire @Dhan team and looking forward to more such innovative features.

On Cash Sell Order, I will check placing an order today.


Where to See placed AMO order or by exploring this app and made order will be treated as AMO?

If yes, then how to cancel?

Thanking you…


If you place an order at non-market hours then it will be auto-considered as a AMO order and you will be able to see it under the Orders tab. Also, you can cancel the same from the orders directly.

Read more here : Feature Announcement - After Market Orders on Dhan

Thanks for guiding Sir…I have checked with experiment.

Please include order validity period as an option. Order must get cancelled if not executed within that period.

Ex: if the order doesn’t execute in first 15min, one may want it cancelled. Then the user sets validity as 15mins.
We may not premarket order to be open through the day.

Hi @ginas

We have made a noted of your feedback to add custom order validity option and will check the possibilities on how we can bring it. Thank you !

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But where to check those AMOs? I placed an AMO, what if I want to cancel it before execution? How to do so?

you can cancel the same from the orders tab directly.

let’s say…
If you place an order at non-market hours then it will be auto-considered as a AMO order and you will be able to see it under the Orders tab. Also, you can cancel the same from the orders tab directly.


I checked the order tab, but is no showing there.

Hi @SmallCapHunter

If placed any AMO order you can check here

Yes, I found it after reloading the tab. Thankyou.

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Is this feature still working? When I try to place an After Market Order, I get the message - “Market is closed”.

Ok, figured out the problem. It does not work for iceberg orders. Works for normal ones.