Feature Announcement: Real-Time Trades on App & Web

Stock Markets are very dynamic, most of the time it is not very evident the way price matching happens against all bids & offers.

Introducing Real-Time Trades on Dhan

While you have access to market depth already on the Dhan app, we are adding broadcasts of real-time trades on every scrip on that - including Equity, Futures, Options, ETFs, and all. Each trade, shown to you as this happens, and in real time.

You have the option to see the traded volume and avg trading price for different time frames, in addition to real-time you can also view this for 1 min, 5 min, 10min, 15min & 30 min with average price.

Real-Time Trades along with market depth gives the holistic picture of price action at any point in the market. With this one can generate trading signals before any candlestick pattern or technical indicator, if observed carefully. It will help you to track very short term trends in the market. Scalpers or high frequency traders who track minute details of price action and trade short trends can benefit hugely. Finding support/resistance due to iceberg orders or pattern of trades during spikes can be found here. But beware there is a very thin margin between very short term trend and “noise” in the market.

Real-Time Trades is available on both - Dhan app and on Dhan Web. On our web version we have added this alongside with Market Depth on the same page next to each other.

We hope that this new addition will help you trade better. We are always making sure that we’re improving our experience and trying to do so based on your suggestions and feedback, and we’ll continue to do that as we grow.

While this feature is experimental, do let us know your thoughts on this feature or if you would have ideas to scale this better.

Product team @ Dhan


Greate… Keep it up.
We want to make Dhan platform as “The Best Tradig Platform” in INDIA.
All the best.


How cane to trade using these ?
Wat stretegy to use ?

Inclusion of Real time trade on Dhan is great steps and will help many traders to execute right trade. Team dhan should be very proud of you.


Thank you. And as usual more is coming from us.

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Is these real-time trade numbers from Dhan clients or exchange trades?
Also, are those buy or sell trades, ? I am not sure how to utilize this to find something.

Hello @Jigar,

These real-time trade numbers come directly from exchange itself. Since these are completed trades, it has both buy and sell side. Hope this helps!