Feature Announcement - Track Multiple Indices on Dhan dashboard

We started our journey towards building Dhan as a great investing experience early this year. We recently launched for early access and are receiving many feature requests from our early believers. Many users have appreciated how intuitive Dhan’s user experience is, and many have suggested to us how we can make this better. We are already on this.

One of the requests was to provide the ability to track multiple indices in the Index Tracker on the Dhan app dashboard.

The basic premise of viewing an index is to get the market pulse at one glance. It’s not optional anymore, it’s a necessity to know the direction of the market and the indices that reflect the market direction and sentiment. For the longest time, we are used to seeing Nifty 50 and Sensex, but it seems that has changed with markets maturing. Investors want choice. Many investors are tracking the next smallcaps & midcaps that will be the next large caps and hopefully find their way to main indices. And ofcourse, with the influx of ETFs and niche stocks outperforming large caps, investors want the ability to track market pulse, mood and sentiment beyond the broad market.


Introducing more indices in Dhan’s Index Tracker, we have added the ones which we received requests for - yes, including Nifty Bank.

With more indices to your list, you get to use and decide which stock can prove to be a winning bet. The best part? Your selection will automatically auto-save the next time you visit the Dhan dashboard. Cool, right? We are also saving this preference to your Dhan’s web product that we are launching soon.

We believe a product cannot be a one-size-fits-all and needs to be tailor-made for every investor. For all of us at Dhan, product & experience building is a journey. We love that you’re a part of it!

Do let us know how you like this.

Product team @ Dhan


Any plans to include Global Indices (plus SGX Nifty and DXY) alongside Indian Indices?

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Hey Nitesh, currently we only show live feed for Indian indices to our Dhan users. However, you do have the option to invest in Global Markets through the ETFs we offer.

Click on ETFs on the Discovery section in Dhan Homepage. Then click on “Global”.

Hope this helps!

Hey Anirudha,

Purpose of tracking Global Markets is to trade in Indian Markets only. It would be great if I get the tracker in @Dhan itself and not browse to other apps/web.


Thanks for the clarification Nitesh. Will definitely consider it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Anirudha Any update on this request ?