Font style is not so good

Hello Praveen the font style is not looking good. Please work on the font style to make all the uniform in the application.

Thanks for the feedback @Sindhuwalunj. Noted, we will have this updated.

Thanks you so much for listening my request. 10/10πŸ‘


most welcome @Sindhuwalunj :slight_smile:

Font size increase @pravinJ

hi @yagneshwara

This is old post and we have updated the same what @Sindhuwalunj requested for. Any specific screens where you want web font size to be increased? Do let us know.

Noted, we will improve this.

The font suck on Dhan Android app

Its very small in all screen

You guys should hire a UI /UX designer to make your app more pleasent on eyes

The font is very very very small and they need to be bold enough to be easily seen

This strains on eyes alot

For example see the apps of upstox and kotak neo

If you want to increase the user app engagement time fix this on highest priority

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Absolutely correct, very small letters can’t trade properly and speed,. Dhan trying to watch example upstox app.